Hospitality and Motorhomes design

Hospitality and Motorhomes in the Motorsport sector

The motorsport sector is always looking for new structures able to provide efficiency in the logistic support for the events related to motorbikes, car races and in general for any travelling sport event.
The shelters, between semi-trailers or on containers, create the ideal space to welcome and host visitors, to receive press office staff and to organize the restaurant service and hospitality for team members and guests.

The range of tents and structures designed for car and motorbike racing teams includes the following models:

Here is the complete list of projects in the motorsport sector.

In the last years Maco Technology became well known in the sector thanks to the level of innovation achieved and for the impact of new structures on the quality of events, ease of assembly, transport volumes and on fixed costs of logistics for the whole the championship.

The new Hospitality and Motorhomes products are the result of a multidisciplinary approach and careful understanding of customer’s needs. Maco Technology studies the structural behavior of each structure using 3D modeling software which allow to optimize the weight and size of the components based on the wind load conditions of the different circuits in compliance with current international regulations. The joints between the components are designed to guarantee the required structural strength without compromising the velocity of assembly and the possibility to transport the structure in reduced volumes . The extruded aluminum profiles are cut and processed by numerical control machines which are able to guarantee the best quality standards and precision.

Maco Technology racing shelters and tents combine the lightness of aluminum with the elegance of the best technical textiles for architecture. The most used fabrics are generally polyester fabrics coated with PVC , Polyurethane or Neoprene together with treatments for water tightness, for protection from atmospheric agents, from possible fungi and molds and suitable to guarantee an adequate fire behavior defined by the building code. The fabrics used for the covering and for the facades of the racing tents can be easily printed with digital technology by integrating the graphics of the team and the sponsor logos in an effective and astonishing way.

Tensairity® Box

TENSAIRITY®BOX is a modular system designed to offer an outstanding appearance and visibility to your brand. It consists of a lightweight roof based on TENSAIRITY® beams and two side boxes. The lateral boxes can be closed and become small offices.

TENSAIRITY®BOX covers an area of 150 m2 which is perfect as an hospitality area when semi-trailers or containers are not available. TENSAIRITY® BOX is based on two side “boxes” made out of a steel frame and a double layer textile canvas (or rigid panels) which can be customized in terms of colour and printing. On these boxes the lightweight TENSAIRITY® roof is assembled. The construction of the roof is done at ground level and then lifted up through a manual lifting system integrated in the pillars.

Innovation for everyone
TENSAIRITY®BOX was designed to offer an economic solution in terms of logistic and assembling. Containers and semitrailers are replaced by 2 simple boxes which are built with steel profiles. For this reason, TENSAIRITY® BOX can be assembled in every square or courtyard, without assistance of big trucks. Every component can be disassembled in a small size and has been designed to be carried by hand by maximum two workers.



Space modular tent

For all overseas races SPACE is the robust, easy and rapid deployable solution. It is designed with a typical pitched or curved roof shape to maximize the inner volume even when attached to standard containers.

The ideal solution for overseas races
Overseas races together with any events which travels around the world, need structures based on containers (which work as office and kitchen) and a compact shelter which needs to be packed in the container itself. SPACE consists in the coupling of a standard marine container and a customized shelter which can be shipped all over the world and assembled in few hours.

Container and shelters for events around the world
SPACE is made out of straight or curved aluminium profiles which are connected to the container on one side and to pillars on the opposite one. The roof is in textile while side walls can be made in polycarbonate panels too. The volume can be connected to an air conditioning system for cooling and heating. Lighting system can be integrated in the profiles or can be assembled and disassembled at the set up.




Hospitality Tensairity®

TENSAIRITY® is a patented structural system and has been developed for bridges and big span buildings. In temporary structures, TENSAIRITY® is the roof, lightweight and elegant which can be assembled in few hours and occupy minimum volume during transport.

Big span, made simple
To shelter the space between two semi-trailers or containers (usually with a clear span between 8 and 15 meters) TENSAIRITY® is the best technology available at the moment. The roof, based on 5 beams which weight around 100 kg, when packed occupies a very minimal volume of 30cm x 20cm x 13m. Thanks to the inflatable technology, the roof is tensioned through air. TENSAIRITY® is the lightest, safest and most efficient construction system currently on the market and combines efficiency with a modern aesthetic value.

The newest and safest technology for temporary and mobile roofs
The main advantage of this construction method relies in the minimal volume when packed and the use of only straight elements which are bended by the air pressure and comes back straight when packed. Materials used come from the boating industry therefore they guarantee the highest level of air tightness.








Space Curved coverage

Innovative temporary structures should be different from the existing ones. That’s what comes with SPACE CURVED, a product which changes the rules of hospitality shelters. The results is unique and clearly visible from everybody in the paddock.

Space takes shape
The shape of the hospitality SPACE CURVED differs clearly form the standard structures of the paddock areas. The main advantage of the curved arches is the total internal height of the structure, even if the volume of transportation is minimized thanks to dedicated shelves on rollers. The membrane is tensioned between the arches like a tensile structure below the diagonal struts. Its function is not only as envelope but it collaborates to the stability of the structure making it extremely lightweight.

New shape but simpler
SPACE CURVED is the best in terms of quality/price ratio. The new forms together with the simplicity of the components make it the best choice between a standard structure and a top quality hospitality. Side walls made of polycarbonate panels and the double layer roof canvas improve the inner comfort.



Motorhome Racing Tent / Motor Sport Awnings

Motorhome racing shelters are the simplest and ready to use solutions ideal to cover the area in front of a semi-trailer or container.

Rapid deployable multipurpose hospitality shelter

Rapid deployable multipurpose shelter These shelters are made out of 4 or 5 aluminium beams with steel connectors which can rotate and adjust to simplify and make the assembling easier and faster. The roof and the side walls are tensioned with threaded bars. The roof can be single or double layer to improve the internal comfort.
Classic layout, innovative technology
Motorhome racing structures are robust and designed to be assembled by not skilled people. Components like connectors and profiles are the ones used for larger shelters and this ensure safety and durability of the product itself. The structure can be tailored according to client’s needs.





Sail covers for the racing sector

Small, functional and highly aesthetic tensile structures. The tensile structures are designed to be easy and quick to assemble without the support of any bulky load bearing structure. The custom-made fabric is anchored to the semi-trailers or containers and is supported by a series of perimeter poles.

Tensile structures: light large roofs with a very small volume 
The advantage of sail tensile structures lies in the possibility to cover complex shaped areas by minimizing the materials used. With a few anchoring points (on the container or through cable-stayed poles) it is possible to tension a membrane which, thanks to its “double curved” shape, is stable with against wind and snow.

Aesthetics and functionality for special installations, but pay attention to anchors.
The tensile structures can be 100% designed and customized, studying the degree of shading, the position of the anchor points and the height of the roof at the various points in order to shade and convey rainwater to the desired areas.
The materials used are of the highest quality and include anchoring and tensioning details in stainless steel. The poles can instead be made of steel, aluminum or wood, depending on the aesthetics required.
In the case of itinerant structures it is often impossible to fix the poles and stays directly on the ground. In order to avoid bulky and heavy ballasts, it is therefore necessary to integrate the cover sail in the design phase by exploiting the weight of any containers and semi-trailers.


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